OEM customization

        We have 8000㎡ factory plant in Zhuhai, with molding/injection molding/production capability, we can provide OEM customized service for customers. We have the ability of independent research and development, and can customize personalized products for customers' needs.

Absorbing experience and feedback from production to produce high-quality products

       We insist on independent research and development and manufacture of products in the process of product development. In-depth consideration of the processing technology and manufacturing costs, under the premise of ensuring product quality, and constantly improve the production process, improve product quality, reduce production costs, to provide customers with affordable high-quality products.


       This R & D mode, is our product development process in the process of accumulating a wealth of experience in the production, to ensure that our products can be efficient production at the same time have a high quality assurance.

product production

R&D center

Please Note Before Making Business Inquirie

If you have product customization needs, you can consult through the following contact information. We will provide you with personalized product customization services according to your needs.


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